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Why Angular Course?

Why Angular Training In ISEES TECH?

Course Curriculum

It Stretches Your Mind, Think Better And Create Even Better.

• ES6
    o Module system
    o Classes
    o Variable declaration
    o Arrow Functions
    o Template Strings
• TypeScript
    o Type safety, inference and intelligence
    o Interfaces
    o Decorators
• Angular-CLI & project structure
    o Creating a new project
    o Project settings, bootstrapping
    o Building and serving
    o Component-based architecture
    o Angular building blocks overview
    o Generating project elements
    o Root Angular Module
• Angular Components
    o Component definition
    o Component types
    o Template syntax
    o Data, property and event binding
    o Using directives and pipes
    o Inputs
    o Outputs (events)
    o Component style
• Advanced Components
    o Data projection, building a wrapper component
    o Querying view and children
• Dynamic components

• Providers and Dependency Injection
    o Understanding the role of the Provider
    o Understanding the injector tree
    o Creating and using a class provider (service)
    o Other provider strategies
    o Configuring providers
• Observables and RxJS
    o Subscription
    o RxJS Operators
    o Creating Subjects and Observables
• HttpClient
    o Http requests (GET, PUT, POST)
    o Configuring headers
    o Interceptors
    o Progress events

• Setting up the router
• Navigation
• Child routes
• Routing params
• Lazy loading
• Guards and hooks


• Angular Modules
    o Root Module vs. Feature Module
    o Module definition
    o Module configuration
• Directives
    o Types of directives
    o Built-in directives
    o Writing your own directives
• Pipes
    o Sync and async Pipes
    o Built-in Pipes
    o Writing your own pipes


• Template-driven forms
• Reactive forms
• FormBuilder
• Form validation
• Custom validators
• Async validators

• How to Use and integration with Angular
• Demo Test

• How to import module and Test
• Demo